course Information and Maps

50 Mile Half Century Ride

Ride distance: 47.35 Miles

NEUTRAL START UNTIL Riverside Drive/Broadway intersection
Riders must follow all rules of the road and traffic laws. The roads are open to traffic.

Ride with GPS Route Map and Cue Sheet

Start at the Wedge at Foundation
0.08 Turn RIGHT on Lyman St
0.55 Veer to the right (By the old 12 Bones)
0.57 Turn Left on Riverside Dr (By the old 12 Bones)
1.0 go straight through intersection at light
1.33 Watch for railroad tracks
2.9 turn left at light to stay on Riverside Rd
5.1 turn left on Old Leicester Rd
5.30 Cross bridge, veer right to stay on Old Leicester Rd
5.9 Cross over Olivette, continue straight to stay on Old Leicester Rd
6.5 Turn right on Old Leicester Hwy
8.27 Stay to the left to stay on Old Leicester Hwy
9.3 Turn Right on Sluder Branch Rd
11.9 Turn Left on Alexander Rd
12.13 Turn Right on Short Sluder Branch Rd
12.55 Turn right on Martin Branch Rd
13.15 Turn Left on Gibbs Rd
14.31 Turn left on Turkey Creek Rd
14.6 Turn Right on Icenhower Rd
16.2 Turn Left on New Leicester Hwy
17.0 Turn Right on N Turkey Creek Rd
18.4 Veer to the right to Earlys Mountain Rd
20.54 Turn Right on Sandy Mush Creek Rd
23.12 Turn right on New Leicester Hwy
23.2 REST STOP – REEVES GROCERY – (toilets) New Leicester Hwy
25.7 Turn left on Don Felmet Rd
27.65 Turn left on Turkey Creek Rd
28.8 Turn left on Bear Creek Rd
29.68 Turn right on Jarrett Farm Rd
30.0 Turn right on Marshall Rd
32.2 Water Station
32.9 Merge onto Cedar Hill Rd
32.95 LEFT on Fletcher Martin Rd
Stay to the right to stay on Fletcher Martin Rd
35.7 Turn right on Old Marshall Hwy (Riding along the river all the way to Carrier Park)
41.34 Stay straight, road becomes Riverside Dr
44.3 Stay to the right to stay on Riverside Dr
46.72 Turn right on Lyman St
47.2 Turn LEFT onto Old Lyman Street/Wedge at Foundation
47.35 Finish at Wedge Foundation